Your Car washed. Without water.

We wash on site Environmentally friendly, Sustainable and of course without Scratches. With a saving of at least 150Ltr of (drinking) water. For Our Environment.

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The convenience service at work!

What could be nicer to drive in a clean fresh car after home after work, Experience this Top Service at your (work) location.

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What we do

"We wash cars in an environmentally friendly, waterless and scratch-free manner in parking garages, mainly at companies and institutions"

These are fixed locations where employees and guests of the companies in question can have their cars washed. Did we not yet wash at your (work) location? Bring us into contact with your Facility Manager and we will enter the new location in our file as soon as possible after an agreement has been reached. Feel free to contact us or just call us: 06 28 22 88 73. See you at one of our locations!

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"The Feeling of driving a new convertible!"

Every time I have my car washed by hand by Ray van ParkandWash during office hours, I have the feeling that I am driving in a new convertible again. Glossy on the outside and smelling nice on the inside with extra attention to the roof and the grid at the back, The pot of chocolates on the dashboard makes all this an extra party, 
Marlies C.L. Meijer.  
(location: AkzoNobel-Center)

"Car Washing of the 21st Century!"

As a Tesla rider with a green heart, Park&Wash is the way to wash your car sustainably, without water, yet clean and representative. The service of Park&Wash is very good. No hassle, everything online and reliable. Automobile washing of the 21st Century!  A. t´ V. 
( location: Stibbe N.V. )

"Satisfied with the good service"

Recently I had my car washed to my full satisfaction during working hours by ParkandWash. The result was more than excellent, my car came back as new! A very good service, which also saves me a lot of time. I don't want to be different anymore. Top service! Lilian (location;Teijin-Akzo)

"Regularly compliment how clean the car looks."

I am a regular user of ParkandWash. In the morning I hand over the key at our reception. I have a busy schedule and also at home - a large family - it is busy. That's why it's great that my car, which I'm economical about, is made like new at work. The inside is like new again with good visibility through all windows. I regularly get compliments on how clean the car looks. Summit that this is done in an environmentally responsible way and that everything can be booked via the Internet. Highly recommended! A. Kregting.
( locatie: AkzoNobel-Center ) 

"Nice price, good and friendly service...."

I've been a customer from the start that Ray started with ParkandWash at our office and I keep coming back. Nice price, good and friendly service and a wonderfully clean and fresh car. Recommended!  R. Poppelaars. ( locatie: AkzoNobel-Center )

"Ideal at work....."

The other day I had my car washed at ParkandWash. I am very satisfied and will have my car washed again next time. I made my package choice via the website, paid via Ideal and indicated at what time I was present at the indicated location. The car key is picked up and returned after which you step into a wonderfully clean car after work. Ideal! Gr Nick. 
( location: AllenOvery )

"The service is very good, quick and really details oriented."

I took my (white) car after a ski holidays with my two kids to ParkandWash. This is the second time I choose this manual wash service and also this time I came out extremely satisfied, my car was as new, inside and outside. The service is very good, quick and really details oriented. The owner is extremely friendly and customer oriented. I strongly recommend ParkandWash to everyone who enjoys a clean car. Ray, see you again in a few weeks! Caterina Camerani. 
( locatie: AkzoNobel-Center )

"The car looks like new again..."

Top service. Return keys to ParkandWash in the parking garage in the morning and a completely clean car in the evening, both from the outside and from the inside. Ray works very carefully and the car looks like new again, without it taking me any time. Best regards, Job (location: Stibbe N.V.)

"Fine to have a clean car!"

Thank you again for a great service. It is so easy to have my car washed in our own garage. It saves time and takes away an everyday concern. It's nice to have a clean car when I get back down in the evening, but also that you react quickly and are always friendly. It's good that washing without water and with products that are less harmful to the environment. Happy day! Simone. ( location: Guest-AkzoNobel-Center )

Hand Wash
Hand Wash

We wash your car manually, in an environmentally friendly manner and without water at your location. Old-fashioned Solidity & Quality.

Environmentally friendly
Environmentally friendly

Because we work with environmentally friendly products and sustainable products, you contribute to Our Better Environment.

Online payments
Online payments

Pay easily and securely online with iDEAL, Paypal, Credit Card or by Invoice (bank transfer). Of course you can also use PINs (wireless) on location.

Best Results!
Best Results!

Because we only work with the best quality cleaning products, we can offer you top results.